For the latest iteration of my portfolio, please contact me.

Your time is valuable.

I have far too many samples to display here, and I’d like to tailor your selection. Wouldn’t you rather read 4-6 writing samples that fit within your niche than wade through a ton of stuff that doesn’t mean much? Yeah, thought so.

When you reach out, let me know what you’re looking for in a writer (SEO capabilities, resume-writing experience, social posts for Facebook, general branding messaging to get your start-up off the ground (you get the picture — the sky’s the limit)).

I have A LOT of experience working with a ton of brands. From B2B to B2C to B2E to nonprofits seeking volunteers to politicians seeking votes to animals seeking a furever home — I likely have something for you. I also have my master’s degree in professional writing from Southeast Missouri State University in case my years of working at a publishing house, historical center, and marketing agency don’t convince you I’m qualified.

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In 2018, I helped Gov. Mike Parson write a speech welcoming veterans to Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial.

Here’s my most refined skill set: 

🔹Constructs and evaluates client voice across platforms and publications.
🔹Establishes the base of campaign messaging.
🔹Develops messaging platforms for consistent information distribution.
🔹Writes and often leads in social media, blog and other related content creation.
🔹Analyzes data to improve messaging and reach multiple demographics.
🔹Leads in SEO & SEM content strategy (both paid and organic).
🔹Develops social (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) strategy, campaigns, posts, and ads to encourage engagement and build a following.
🔹Generates copy and content for all collateral, including brochures, folder inserts, flyers, advertisements, etc.
🔹Writes radio and video scripts from concept to creation.
🔹Creates communication pieces to support PR efforts.
🔹Develops and optimizes pay-per-click campaigns, ad groups, and keywords within Google Ads.

Frequently asked question:
Why is your comma use inconsistent on your website?

Here’s the thing. I love the Oxford comma. It’s my favorite, and it makes sense. No one is ever confused when you use the Oxford comma. The marketing world, as well as AP style, frown heavily on its use so I’m in the habit of not using it. When I’m working on personal stuff, it sneaks in. It isn’t hurting anyone, and it’s minding its own business, so we’re going to let it keep on keeping on.