Cassandra Daugette is the content director for BOLD Marketing, a growth firm in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, providing marketing, PR, and digital services. Daugette’s responsibilities range from creating content, providing creative direction, and establishing consistent messaging true to a client’s goals and values.

As a former teaching assistant for Southeast Missouri State University’s English Department, she earned her Master’s in Professional Writing May 2016. While excelling in her studies, she has also presented at The Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture since 1900 twice, in spring 2015 and spring 2016. Her essay “Victims, Heroes, and Language Games in Oryx and Crake” won the Literati Best Essay award and will be published in Literati spring 2016.


Cassi is also very interested in technology. In another life–read the summer before graduate school–she had a technology blog where she provided brief commentary on new releases and community reception of those releases or announcements. The blog’s most popular page, however, ended up being a page dedicated to a Samsung phone’s Straight Talk APN settings. Through this page she received numerous emails from visitors thanking her for posting her settings–and some emails requested other help which she was happy to give.

Finally, Cassi loves to be active. While she has several medals from running, she also enjoys gymnastics–to the best of her ability, hiking, swimming, yoga, and lastly the old cliche, dancing like no one is watching.

Connect with her on LinkedIn.


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